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Homemade Gift Ideas


How cute are these little hand warmers? You could pick any shape you wanted for them.

How to make: Hello Glow


Adorable llama keyring. Need I say any more?

How to make: Hobbycraft


This takes a little work, but it is well worth it.

How to make: Crafts Unleashed


You make these mugs with nail polish, which gives you so many colour options.

How to make: House of Hipsters


What situation could not be made better by adding dinosaur planters?

How to make: Maggie Overby


These utensils will add a splash of colour to any kitchen.

How to make: Peonies and Pear


These concrete planters are easier than they look.

How to make: And Projects


A blanket is perfect for Winter, pick which blanket you prefer from three options.

How to make: It’s always Autumn

Are you planning on making any homemade Christmas gifts this year?

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